Wednesday, June 20, 2012

end of the love story

i think i should be put down all memory...
it's painful...delete all picture all message all about of u....
my heart keep bleeding,what can i do now?
who else can help me?

im feel so tired so sad,im keep cried keep cried...
but still need to alive..what is about love?
im so sad so sad..who know?
alone stay at bedroom,keep listen song
writing blog,my tears keep drop..
who know my feeling now?
i can going where?who can protect me?who can protect my heart?
i'll be better?i'll get better soon..
i swear...this is last time because of u,i drops my tears again...
i will forgot u soon...the end...


  1. 加油哦!如果需要朋友就找我吧! :p
    Stay Happy Always :)

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  2. There is a phrase we keep hearing about. "Time Heal" but I believe in our life not just about looking for life partner instead we should enrich our life to something more worth which you should know better or still in searching.

    Read more, travel more, and etc etc